Welcome to the Virginia District Leadership Training Program (LTP) webpage.

Here you can find information about upcoming leadership training and officer training in
the Virginia District.

I am Ken Taylor and the Virginia District Trainer. On behalf of the entire training team, we are here to offer you the best training opportunities and experiences possible while having as much FUN as possible. If you have any questions or desire any training for your chapter, please do not hesitate to contact me or a member of the training team. My email address is gldwing_rider@verizon.net.

Virginia Training Goals:

1. Mentor and have one Master University Trainer in all three primary Virginia areas (North, East, and West).
2 Mentor and have two Senior University Trainers in all three primary Virginia areas (North, East and West).
3. Offer one live Horizon and Officer Training Program (OCP) annually.
4. Offer one GWRRA University Training Development Program (UTDP) bi-annually.
5. Ensure every GWRRA member has the opportunity for the best possible learning experience while having fun as well as meeting new lifetime friends.
6. Provide detailed and focused training targeted towards Chapter Teams to assist in achieving chapter goal.

Leadership Training Program

The Leadership Training Program (LTP) curriculum reflects training that focuses on leadership skills while understanding that knowledge is an enabler of those skills. Though some of the training
deals specifically with skills needed in a GWRRA leadership position, other training deals with Life Skills and Member Orientation topics that will enhance the Member’s life both within and outside of GWRRA. In general, our training is designed to reach visual, verbal, and kinetic learners; our goal is “something for everyone”. It is the intent of the LTP to deliver training in a professional manner and to make certain that training is a fun learning experience for all participants.

In addition to the Officer Certification Program, Horizon Program, and the GWRRA University Training Development Program, the LTP has eight (8) sub training areas that is sure to peak the interest of any GWRRA family member. Take a look and see which area can help enlighten your GWRRA involvement.

CHAPTER LIFE: Chapter Structure and Organization, What is a CD, What is the Rider Ed Program, Flyers For Fun & Profit, Planning a Chapter Event, How to Show or Judge a Bike Show.

Member Orientation: Horizon Program Overview, Training the Members.

Life Skills: Remembering Names, Managing Change, Public Speaking 101, Self Esteem – Key to Success, Listening & Communicating, Smart Moves, Stress Management, Time Management.

Leadership Skills: Chapter Finances, Delegation, Interviewing Techniques, Leadership, You’re an Officer – Now What?, Staffing & Appointment, Write Stuff.

Intermediate Skills: Building High Performance Teams, Releasing Volunteer Leaders, Chapter Communications Plan, Financial Reporting Seminar, Problem Solving, Win Win Progress Reviews, Motivating Volunteers, Fund Raising.

Advanced Skills: Coaching & Mentoring, Conflict Management, High Impact Leadership, Know Your True Colors, The Nature of Leadership, Leadership Survival Skills, People Based Leadership Skills, Studies In Applied Leadership.

Target Training: Chapter Directors Part 1 and 2, Chapter Educator, Chapter MEC, Chapter Treasurer.

University Trainer Development Program (UTDP) - The University Trainer Development Program is a cooperative effort between GWRRA Leadership Training, Rider Education& Membership Enhancement. The program is designed to teach Candidates to be University Trainer Program. It should be made clear to the Candidates that this program only certifies them to teach GW University Seminars. To teach Seminars from the Three Programs will require the Candidate to take additional training from the program they are interested in presenting. Completion of the program requires the Candidates to have satisfactory evaluations in the classroom and in two “field” Seminar Presentations.

Officer Certification Program (OCP) - The Officers Certification Program or better known as the “OCP” is a program in the GWRRA Curriculum that is an in-depth seminar of the basic duties and responsibilities of an Operations Officer. It’s main objective is to assist the Officers in the following responsibilities: Finances, Membership Enhancement. IRS Compliance, Rider Ed, Teambuilding, Conflict Resolution, Goal Setting, to name a few. While not a requirement to be an officer, this is a very good program for every GWRRA family member. The OCP can be taken in the classroom or online.

Horizon Program - The Horizon Program is a fast track one and a half day overview of the core LTP curriculum with “hands on” training of practical applications, and an excellent class for potential CDs and staff. Horizon is also a great class for the general Membership to learn more about teamwork, self-awareness, interpersonal communication, and building better chapters. Members learn about how to have FUN in GWRRA with lots of surprises along your path. It is typically conducted during the winter/early spring months and not during riding season. It is an interactive program – the more everyone participates, the more everyone learns!

Ken Taylorr
Senior University Trainer
MFA Instructor
American Red Cross Instructor Trainer