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The GWRRA Virginia District is Pleased to Announce the 2015 Virginia Chapter of the Year:

Virginia Chapter L, Chesapeake VA

The GWRRA Chapter of the Year (CHOY) program annually recognizes chapters, who have delivered the best GWRRA has to offer its members.  HQ GWRRA picks the winning GWRRA Chapter of the Year from Region Chapter of the Year selections. Likewise, Regions pick from their Districts’ Chapter of the Year selections.
GWRRA created and designed the Chapter of the Year program to stimulate chapters to strive for excellence within their respective District and Region.  The first GWRRA Chapter of the Year was selected and recognized for the Year 2007.  To start the annual selection, the Districts, Regions, and National recognize and honor those chapters, who have achieved excellent results throughout the year.  At the end of each year, each District and Region review the best of the best and give recognition and honor accordingly.  Then, prior to Wing Ding, National reviews the Regions’ Chapter of the Year selections and selects one chapter to receive the honor of GWRRA Chapter of the Year.  The GWRRA Membership Enhancement Program webpage lays out the whole GWRRA CHOY program and provides links to the GWRRA CHOY Program Guide and Score Sheet and a briefing. 
The GWRRA Virginia website contains information for use by Chapter Directors, Assistant District Directors, District Officers and Staff, and the District Director to implement this GWRRA program.

GWRRA Virginia Chapter of the Year General Guidelines:

  1. The Virginia Membership Enhancement Coordinators (VAMECs), with concurrence of the Virginia District Directors (VADDs), will appoint the VA Chapter of the Year Coordinators (VACHOYs, most likely a couple or an individual) to monitor chapter activities and to assist the chapters with the program. See item #13 below for more detail.
  2. District Directors encourage Chapter Directors (CDs) to make a top-down assessment of their chapter programs and accomplishments, on or about 1 January and 1 June each year, so that CDs can direct the chapter’s programs and involve its participants with an eye also toward competing for the Virginia Chapter of the Year.
  3. By 15 February each year, VA CDs declare their chapter’s ability to meet the “basic qualifications” during the calendar year and the chapter’s intent to compete for VA CHOY. Make this declaration to the VA District Director and the Virginia Chapter of the Year Coordinators in writing via email. However, “not declaring” does not prevent a chapter from competing if its intent changes during the year—make the notifications in writing via email at that time.
  4. Virginia District Directors will call for Virginia CHOY nominations, due 5 January, from Assistant District Directors and Chapter Directors by 1 December.
  5. VAADDs, if assigned, will help their chapter directors prepare for the CHOY competition and help them prepare their nomination packages.
  6. Chapter Directors should use the CHOY Criteria and Score Sheet and include supporting documentation for submission to the Virginia CHOY Coordinators by 5 January, both in hard copy and via email.
  7. Assistant District Directors, if assigned, should verify chapter nominations, score sheets, and documentation for each of their chapters and forward to the Virginia CHOY Coordinators by 5 January.
  8. Virginia CHOY Coordinators provide the VA District Directors a rank-ordered list and all nomination packages of Virginia chapters competing for Virginia CHOY by 25 January, after verification of annual membership data from the VAMEPC in mid January.
  9. Virginia District Directors decide on the top ten chapters of the year for the current calendar year by 30 January, or as soon as annual membership data is available from the VAMEpC, and order a first-place plaque.
  10. Virginia District Directors openly recognize these chapters at the winter district convention, Wingless Weekend. Recognition varies by year, but may include a plaque or trophy to the 1st Place Chapter, a cash award, and priority seating at the next Rally In The Valley™ and Wingless Banquets, and may include cash awards to the 2nd and 3rd place Chapters.
  11. VADDs submit their winning CHOY to the Region N competition to arrive by 1 March, or as requested.
  12. Virginia’s CHOY Chapter Director tells their chapter’s story in a one-page article each month in the Virginia Newsletter expounding on their chapter’s recent successful activities, with photos and captions, and hype their upcoming activities for the next month. Articles should also serve to motivate other chapters in the District to provide their participants the leadership and the programs that can compete favorably for the Chapter of the Year program, which in turn fosters a great chapter program for members.
  13. The Virginia Chapter of the Year Coordinators areGayle and Tommy Wilson. You may contact them for more information at

2016 GWRRA Chapter of the Year Program 
Mr. Ervin & Mrs. Denise Blake
VA District Chapter of the Year Coordinators



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