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Virginia GWRRA CD Corner

The following information is provided to the GWRRA Virginia District Chapter Directors from Dennis & Kristen Weston, on an immediate basis, so that they can share it with their Chapter Participants in a timely manner. Check back often for the latest updates. Each entry will be date stamped, will appear in chronological order (with the latest at the top of the page), and will remain on the page for approximately one month.


- There are quite a few new Chapter Directors and even a few new Newsletter Editors this year so I thought Id send out a reminder of our District Newsletter Contest. Newsletters are the main source for disseminating information to our Chapter Members regarding not only what is happening in our Chapters, but at all levels of GWRRA as well. In light of the time and effort spent on behalf of the Editors to create this monthly requirement, Virginia holds a monthly newsletter contest open to all Chapters in our district. The newsletter Editor of the winning submission receives a certificate and monetary award.

Simply submit your Chapters newsletter by the 25th of each month (either by email or US mail). The newsletter can be submitted either by the Chapter Director or Editor. Each quarter one of the monthly winning newsletters is submitted to Region N to compete in the Region N Newsletter Contest. Since our newsletters compete for the Region N award they must meet certain requirements as set forth by Region N. Virginia District uses these requirements as the guidelines for judging our newsletters. While fulfilling the newsletter requirements try not to stop at the minimums. Often the winning newsletter Editor has gone beyond the minimum requirements to include articles from National, Region and District Newsletters (as opposed to quick blurbs). I have attached the Region N guidelines for your use.

Note: it is a National requirement that a newsletter be created monthly and made available to your Chapter Members. Bi-monthly newsletters are not allowed and cannot be considered for an award.

Please share this information with your Editors and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kristen Weston 757-463-4429
VA District Newsletter Contest Coordinator
Send newsletters to: 3500 Wayne St, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 or


- GWRRA National is updating many of the resource guidelines that we use in the various programs within our District and Chapter. Below are links to the latest versions some of these resources direct from GWRRA National Website.

GWRRA Officers Guide Book
GWRRA New Member Guide
GWRRA Couple of the Year (COY) Guide
GWRRA National Newsletter Award Rules


- Chapter Directors and WebMasters, please be sure that you use the Trademark symbol ® whenever you reference Rally in the Valley®. It seems that another motorcycle organization has co-opted our name and refuses to cease using it. Their event takes place in Staunton, VA, and some people have expressed confusion at the two events occuring in such close proximity. It would cost an unreasonable amount in legal fees to fight this in court, even though we have exclusive rights to the name Rally in the Valley®. So please be sure to use the trademark symbol, and maybe even the words "Original" or "Real" in front of the name to let people know we were there first.


- If you have an upcoming event, and would like your flyer included on the Virginia District Calendar of Events, please send me either a really good hard copy to scan or, preferably, an electronic copy (preferably in PDF or Word format). Or, if you have the flyer available on your Chapter WebSite, please notify me of the URL link directly to the flyer on your website, and I will include that in the Calendar description of your event. Please send the electronic copies and any responses to my home eMail at

Please review the Electronic District Calendar which is available on the District WebSite, to make sure that all of your significant events are listed, and that the descriptions, dates, locations, and times (if available) are correct. We want to make sure that everyone gets all of the correct information. Also, if any of the information changes for the event in the future, please let me know so that I can make the change to the website. If we all work at it, we can make the District Website a very useful tool that everyone can use, and it can help build attendance at your events.

Also, please let me know of anything else that might be of interest to the rest of the District, and I will review it for inclusion in the District News section of the Main Page.

Keep up the good work about notifying me of meeting or event changes or cancellations, and notifications of participant events (i.e. deaths, births, marriages, significant events, etc.) These types of things keep people coming to the website and are interesting for the rest of our participants to read.

Don't forget to let me know about plaque captures, etc., too. That way we can help build attendance at your meetings.

All of you are doing a fantastic job, and I really appreciate all of your help. The District website has really become a place where people can come to find out the latest that is happening around the District. I can't keep it fresh without the information you guys provide me. This is OUR website - I just try to make the info attractive and current.

Thanks to you all.